Yegor Zabelov Trio

The Trio`s music is based on repeating patterns, where rhythmic and harmonic are the main accordion functions. The process of composing is finding the right rhythmic and harmonic emotion, after this melodic material is threaded in this progression. The integration of the melodic material and rhythmic-harmonic movement takes place.


«Gurzuf» is a duo of the accordionist Yegor Zabelov and the drummer Artiom Zalessky. These musicians are taking you on their breathtaking roller coaster of melodic beauty, rhythmic ecstasy and joyful play of an unusual intensity with a strong rock-'n-roll attitude. In their music they combine rich academic traditions with experiments in prog- and postrock, minimalism and trance, using electronic effects and samples.


Being a composer is a very important part of Yegor Zabelov’s creative work. Yegor composes music for different theatre plays and cinema.